Earth Will Be Skim Past By A Giant, 1,280-Foot Asteroid At 58,000 MPH

As per the sources, Earth will closely be visited swinging by a very imposing space rock this upcoming Sunday, which is dubbed as asteroid 2019 JB1. Apparently, the formidable space rock is giant enough to dwarf both the Statue of Liberty and the great Pyramid of Giza. The 2019 JB1 was discovered for the first time at the beginning of the month and has been classified as NEO, near-Earth object. These objects are nothing but celestial bodies such as comets or asteroids, which have been nudged by the attraction of gravitation of nearby planets into orbits allowing them to enter the neighborhood of the Earth, explained by CNEOS of NASA.

However, several near-Earth objects pass over our turning of space on a daily basis, often hovering past Earth in their voyage round the sun, but this isn’t the situation for asteroid 2019 JB1. NASA’s asteroid trackers from Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California have studied its speed, proximity to our planet and trajectory, and determined that, only a single flyby of Earth will be performed by the wandering interplanetary rock. Succeeding that, the asteroid 2019 JB1 will disappear into the cosmos deprived of returning for the predictable future.

According to CNEOS, which stands for Center For Near-Earth Object Studies, the asteroid is calculated to measure somewhere among five hundred and fifty-eight feet to 1,280 feet in diameter. The space rock might be closely 3 times as huge as the great Pyramid of Giza, as per the upper end size estimate of NASA and a slight over 4 times higher as compare to the Statue of Liberty. Asteroid 2019 JB1 is still considered as pretty heavy even at the lower end of size approximation. The space rock will still be larger as compare to both of the iconic landmarks at 558 feet wide.

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