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China Lifts Off Latest BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

Recently, China lifted a new satellite for the BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) from the XSLC (Xichang Satellite Launch Center). The satellite was released on a Long March-3C rocket and is the 4th BDS-2 backup satellite and 45th of the BDS satellite family. Subsequent to being sent to GEO (geostationary orbit) and wrapping up in-orbit testing, it would be connected to BDS to present users with more consistent services and augment the steadiness of the constellation. The BDS-3 system and BDS-2 system would jointly offer services before October 2020 and afterward that the BDS-3 system would be the main system.

China started to build its BDS navigation system in the 1990s. It initiated serving China with its BDS-1 system from 2000 and began serving the Asia-Pacific region from 2012. China would complete the BDS universal network by 2020. In addition, the liftoff was the 304th flight operation for the Long March series of hauler rockets.

Similarly, speaking of the BDS, China aims to rival US in the GPS (global positioning system) by launching its new satellite. China has launched the 20th satellite for its universal BDS and has taken another step towards finalizing a huge network it anticipates would eventually contest the GPS controlled by the U.S. Once it was lifted off from the Xichang center in southwest China, the new extension to the BeiDou constellation productively entered persuaded geosynchronous satellite orbit, as stated by Xinhua. This is the first out of three satellites intended for that orbit. Apparently, BeiDou would also have 27 satellites in the medium earth orbit and 5 in GEO when it is completed in the next year. The latest satellite was the first to be launched in this year and is anticipated to be trailed by another 7 to 9 by the end of 2019.

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