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Pokémon Home Cloud Service Links Games All Over Different Platforms

In recent times, Pokémon games have made their path to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. While that is great in terms of availability, The Pokémon Company had to come up with a new method to make moving monsters and trading between services a possibility. This is when Pokémon Home, a cloud-supported service the firm has launched in Tokyo at the time of a press conference, comes in picture. It is not connected to a sole system and will operate with the Pokémon Lets Go games, Pokémon Go, and even the forthcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield. If you have an account for the monsters you have gathered in the 3DS games, you will even be capable of connecting it with Pokémon Bank.

While details are vague, the firm has verified that Home sports a trading feature and claims it will let you to bring over the Pokémon that you have adventures common with. That may be a clue that the platform will offer you a method to port monsters to new ones from old games. We will know certainly when more info comes out in early 2020 before Home goes live.

On a related note, so how will Niantic and the Pokémon Company follow up Pokémon Go? At an interview this week they disclosed a new mobile game, Pokémon Sleep, which keeps an eye on your sleeping time to open new characters. It is being made by Select Button (Pokémon Magikarp developer). There is also some latest hardware with a Pokémon Go Plus + that operates as a sleep tracker due to its incorporated accelerometry, and also operates similar to the $35 Pokémon Go Plus device that comes with that game. Pokémon Sleep will not launch till 2020, but beginning this week, a special sleeping Snorlax is accessible in Pokémon Go to market the new game.

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