Powerful Supernovas Believed To Have Pushed Humans On Two Feet

How did humans start walking? This is a question that many researchers are trying to unfold as our ancestors were preferred swinging from trees to crawling on the ground. They shift from crawling to walking on two legs is something quite mindboggling. According to the current study researcher Adrian Melott from the University of Kansas, finds the ancient supernovas to be an unlikely source that may have helped them stand.  The strong stellar explosions are assumed to have down poured on the Earth with so much energy that a total climatic change was cast in. The downpour of electrons and powerful, sparkling lightning-filled storms could have directed the ancestors to walk is the new hypothesis put forth.

This lightning must have promoted raging wildfires that spread across the entire African landscapes. Thus, as the savanna alternated the forest habitat, it forced the early humans to walk on two legs. The hypothesis has not just been brought up as there are many factors supporting the evolution of bipedalism that is a practice that started several million years prior to the stellar explosions. The ancient supernovas were detected in hit forms like iron-60 in Earth’s crust. The iron’s radioactive isotopic version is generally found in the stars that are about to end its lives. Thus, presence on the Earth backs its arrival on Earth after the supernovas’ explosion in the nearby cosmos that took millions of years ago.

Earlier studies have shown that the iron traces were found on Earth by the stars that blew up some 8 million years ago. The series of supernovas occurred about 123 light-years away from our planet around 2.6 million years ago intensified the explosive activity. It is the time when the dawn of the Pleistocene epoch had begun and the forests in the east part of Africa had grasslands coming up. The high-energy emissions of the supernovas have penetrated the lower atmosphere of the Earth to bring about a change in weather. Thus, the atmospheric ionization had increased by 50% and led to cloud-to-ground lightning that in turn sparked wildfires. Earlier only lightening was the source of wildfire but now it’s the human activities. Around 7 million years ago, the bipedalism in ancient humans had begun. Lucy was the biped believed to have survived 3.6 million years ago.

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