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Private Space Firms Pour Ideas On Commercializing LEO

NASA has private space trade introducing its ideas on low Earth orbit (LEO) commercialization as it is the location where the International Space Station circulates. It is believed to be occupied with business habitats and daises for potential space travelers. According to the current study, it could be used as the destinations for in-space research as well as producing for a profit purpose. However, the commercial utopia in orbit is not an easy fair until the cost of space launch comes down. NASA has lately announced a few small proposals given by 12 commercial companies including Boeing, Blue Origin, and more on how to develop a feasible commercial cost-cutting measure in LEO.

For a better option, NASA wanted the private space industry to slowly transition the functioning of the US’s part of the International Space Station off from the space agency’s money. In 2018, the president’s budget request for government funding until the end of 2024 had been denied. NASA has now decided to hand over the operation in the low Earth orbit to the commercial space industry. NASA wants to build a new human space station in LEO so as to help conduct continuous research in the space. The space agency is ready to shell out money for access to a commercially operated habitat in the future.

The commercial companies now have an option of taking over the operations in low Earth orbit. There are some who want to build their own space stations using the shells of rockets shipped into orbit. Axiom plans to produce commercial modules that can attach onto the International Space Station for a few years before parting ways as separate private stations. The business models and new habitats for sports, filmmaking, tourism, and more are being considered. For entering the novel economic platform, the cost of transferring people and cargo to space has to be lowered first. For now, it is just on the paper and NASA is officially not moving on with the idea of commercializing low Earth orbit.

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