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Honda Recalls 120,000 CR-Vs Due To Airbag Concerns

Honda has announced a new recall for its 2019 Honda CR-V and it is over a new airbag-related concern. The callback is exclusively for the United States and at any moment the issue could possibly pop an airbag open on the car driver.

The airbag-related concern is over to its deploying and this is why the company is recalling 118,598 CR-Vs which were manufactured in 2019. As per the fresh recall documents filed with the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem consists of both the possible for airbags fitted in the steering wheels to casually position and the likely for them to be deactivated all in all. A probe into the problem started in January and bring into being about this through the recall documents which says that the metal core of the steering wheel brings together on impacted cars might hold burrs. These burrs could harm the cable reel sub-harness and leads to short-circuit, possibly causing an out of action steering wheel- control buttons, SRS warning indicator, and improper positioning of the car driver’s airbag.

Recently in May, the company has got 41 warranty dues, three injuries reported, 20 field stories, and no reports of smashes causing from the problem that has initiated the fresh recall. No mortalities were stated in any of the documents that the Honda has submitted. It does not even include details on the level of the damages. As per the Honda’s recall documents, it states that dealer notification was slated for Wednesday and that the strategy is to make the car owners get notified around July 8. As usual, the car dealers will do the repair for free of cost when the cars are carried in. But even if you are not an owner of a Honda CR-V, it is at all times a worthy option to get it to check to see whether the car has a remaining recall on it as well.

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