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RUAG Offers Thermal Insulation Products For Launchers

RUAG Space of Europe has begun a new venture by offering thermal insulation solutions to launch vehicles. Guggenbach, who is the CEO of RUAG, stated that their years of service in crafting thermal products for satellites have benefitted it immensely. He stated that they would use this information to enter a revolutionary market segment.

RUAG Space may utilize its existing competencies and processes to break into the field as it can rely on its past experiences. The launcher has to endure up to 1500 degrees centigrade, which is extremely hot and has to be kept going for minutes.

Usual thermal insulation projects in space are designed to withstand -150 to about +150 degree Centigrade ranges. However, their previous knowledge will be capitalized, said Guggenbach Ceramic and glass materials will form part of extreme-temperature insulation.

Ariane 6, constructed by ArianeGroup is getting its thermal insulation done from RUAG Space. The group was also responsible for the Ariane 6 and Ariane 5, right from scratch, in details like the production and design. Ariane 6 will probably fly off in 2020. Ruag is expected to complete thermal system insulation by 2019, in time for the maiden flight of Ariane 6.

The current production facility located in Austria will be the base of production for the products in a clean room. This is the location where this company also provides insulation solutions for satellites & others.

Thermal insulation is also being targeted at medical applications like MRI Scanners and LNG scanners.

The current European leader in thermal insulation, almost all European satellites are currently under its protection. Surviving in space conditions like extreme cold and heat is made possible via quality thermal insulation practices. The SolarOrbiter and the BepiColombo are also under the aegis of RUAG Space.

OneWeb and Iridium-NEXT are among the many companies that are being served internationally and commercially by RUAG Space.

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