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Colossal Facial Recognition Database Wiped Off By Microsoft

Microsoft has now deleted a huge database consisting of 10 million pictures which they were using to train the systems of facial recognition, reported Financial Times.

The database that was out in 2016 was built using online pictures of 100,000 popular people. It is believed that this database was being used for training the system that is operated by military and police forces. This deletion is coming after Microsoft had called upon the politicians of the US to get the job of regulating the systems of recognition.

Microsoft has told FT that the database isn’t available anymore as the individual who created it is not associated with the company anymore.

Previous year the President of Microsoft Brad Smith had asked the US Congress to get the task of regulating the usage of systems of facial recognition as they had very broad potential of abuse and societal ramifications.

Recently Microsoft had rejected the police’s request in California for using its systems of face-spotting systems in cars and body cameras.

The huge images set called MSCeleb database had been compiled using celebrities’ images found online. The project of Megapixels which is used to track the databases of face, said that most of images were that of British and American actors, but it also added that the company also used many people who should maintain their presence online because of their professional lives.

This means that the images contained artists, journalists, musicians, policy makers, activists, researchers and writers. Although the database is not available from Microsoft anymore, it is still used by individuals who downloaded its copy. Adam Harvey of Megapixels said that one cannot make as set of data disappear. He added that once you post the data and someone downloads it, then it exists all across the world on hard drives. In UK, police forces have come across criticisms for taking a trial of recognition systems that was home-based which proved to be poor at recognizing people.

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