Huawei Phones To No Longer Have Pre-Installed Facebook Apps

The popular social networking site Facebook Inc. has now taken steps for stopping its applications from being pre-installed on the Chinese tech giant Huawei smartphones, reported Reuters.

The ban presently covers the Facebook app, and other applications from Facebook’s subsidiary companies like Instagram and WhatsApp. The step was in response to the action of US government to bar the companies of US from using firms of telecom industry that regards as a risk to security.

All the customers who already use a Huawei phone and those who have installed the relevant applications could still continue using them.

Facebook Inc. said that they would be continuing to supply updates to the current users of Huawei phones. This decision of Facebook would likely dampen the sales of the Huawei phones whose biggest revenue generator was its smartphones last year. Huawei phones were powered by strong growth in Asia and Europe. Huawei Technologies have not commented on the decision of Facebook.

This decision is only applicable to pre-installed applications and it doesn’t stop the owners of Huawei smartphone from installing and downloading the applications once they have received their smartphones. This option would, however, won’t be available if Google stops the access of Huawei phones to Google’s play store in future. Many smartphone vendors are often entering business deals for pre-installing popular applications like Facebook. Other applications like and Twitter also come on Huawei phone pre-installed in several markets. Twitter Inc. has declined to give any comments on this and have also not responded.

This decision of Facebook is a blow to the Chinese tech giant as it learned this week that Google will not let the firm to use its Android software after the middle of August. As of now, Android’s Play store and all other Google applications would continue to be there on Huawei smartphones. Other nations have also imposed such restrictions or bans on the equipment of Huawei.

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