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Carnival Cruises to Pay Extra $20 Million Fine For Repeated Offenses

Princess Cruise Lines in 2016 decide to pay a $40 Million fine for unlawfully dumping oil-tainted waste into the sea and acts by workers in an effort to cover it up. It was the biggest criminal fine ever set for deliberate vessel pollution, and the Justice Department place Carnival Corporation, the parent company of the cruise line, on notice.

But that did not avoid the firm from polluting one more time, as per federal prosecutors. This week, Princess line and Carnival acknowledged breaching probation terms from the 2016 scam and were instructed to pay an extra $20 million fine, placing extra stress on the biggest cruise corporation in the world.

The new breaches comprised falsifying records, releasing plastic into waters in the Bahamas, and meddling with court management of ships by sending in groups before inspections to pre-empt environmental breaches, as per the agreement of the corporation with the Justice Department.

“A corporation is accountable to its board of directors and shareholders to be profitable, but not by destroying the very environment in which it wonders for profit and breaking the law,” claimed the Southern District of Florida’s United States attorney, Ariana Fajardo Orshan, to the media in an interview.

The deal came after Patricia A. Seitz, the federal judge managing the case, expressed aggravation with Carnival’s “repeat crimes” and even threatened to ban its business from docking at United States ports.

On a related note, you may need to forget about fantasies of riding your own flying vehicle. The University of Michigan and Ford have posted a research hinting that electric flying vehicles would not be as eco-sustainable as vehicles for commutes not more than 22 Miles. While the cars themselves will be clean, the high levels of electricity required to operate those cars will have to arrive from power plants.

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