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Theresa May Wishes To Extend Brexit Holdup As She Talks With Opposition Party

Lately, Theresa May—Prime Minister of the U.K.—said that she would seek another Brexit stoppage to agree an EU (European Union) divorce deal with the disagreement Labor leader, a last-trench gambit to break a stalemate on Britain’s exit that enraged many in her party. Almost 3 Years since the U.K. voted for leaving the EU in a shock referendum outcome, it is still not clear how, when or if it would ever indeed exit the European club it first associated in 1973. In a speedily arranged report from her Downing Street office following spending 7 Hours heading cabinet meetings on how to plan a way out of the Brexit confusion, May said she was looking for another small extension to Brexit further than April 12.

Her steps present the outlook of keeping the U.K. in a much closer financial relationship with the EU subsequent to Brexit, although it can also separate her Conservative Party apart as half her policymakers want a key split from the union. She said, “I am offering to discuss with the leader of the opposition and try to settle on a plan—which we will stick to—for ensuring that we exit the EU and that we do so with an agreement. We would require a further addition of Article 50 (divorce notification), one that is as small as possible and that ends when we approve a deal. We need to understand what such an extension is for making sure we quit in an orderly and timely way.”

Speaking of the Brexit deal, recently EU’s competition chief said that there is nothing wrong in postponing Brexit. The U.K. must be permitted to delay its authorized Brexit exit date again so that it can think cautiously on its future, the EU’s competition chief stated to CNBC. In an exclusive interview in Brussels, Margrethe Vestager—the European Commissioner for Competition—said, “I do not see jeopardy in prolonging the exit (from the EU).”

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