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Novel Study Reveals The Impact Of Opioids On Pain And Survival In SCD

A recent UMN study published in the journal Blood Advances shows the effect of opioids on the existence of humanized mouse prototypes with sickle cell disease (SCD) when compared to standard mice. This research was led by Kalpna Gupta, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.

SCD is found to be impacting millions of individuals globally. Over time, the genetic disease is found to be worsened and can lead to lifelong pain. Given the most critical nature of the pain linked with SCD, opioid use is a rule not to be excluded in the treatment. In the latest study, the mice demonstrated characteristics of pain seen in SCD patients. Gupta proclaimed that the research team wanted to understand if opioids can reduce survival. She added that a key variation in survival with the use of morphine in treatment between sickle mice expressing human sickle hemoglobin and control mice expressing normal human hemoglobin was observed.

On a similar note, the U.S. FDA came into the news as it revealed the issuance of two warning letters to websites operators. Reportedly, these websites were illegally marketing unapproved, potentially dangerous, and misbranded opioid medications such as tramadol. These warning letters are issued to and In these letters, both the websites are requested to immediately stop offering violative medications for sale to the U.S. customers.

The increase in illegal opioids sales over the Internet is said to be an important public health issue and a key point of attention by the FDA. These drugs are found to be extremely addictive and can be deadly as well if taken without a doctor’s supervision. To further advance innovative solutions to safeguarding Americans from opioids that are mostly illegally sold online, the agency is hosting thought leaders, Internet stakeholders, academic researchers, government entities, and advocacy groups at its 2nd Online Opioid Summit.

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