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Study Discloses Protein Responsible For Keeping Skin Youthful

Beauty may only be skin deep, but those who are wondering how to maintain that skin young, researchers might have discovered that in the form of a protein that motivates cell competition. The new study suggests that prosaically COL17A1 performs the heavy lifting for keeping skin young, unimpaired, and intact. The protein functions by motivating cell competition, an important process to uphold tissue fitness, which efficiently “drives out” weaker cells during encouraging duplication of stronger ones. Emi Nishimura—Professor at the TMDU’s (Tokyo Medical and Dental University) Department of Stem Cell Biology—said, “Stressed or damaged stem cells could be selectively removed by unharmed stem cells daily in our skin.”

But aging outcomes in the exhaustion of COL17A1 same like UV radiation and other stress aspects. And when that occurs, weaker cells duplicate, making the skin thinner, more likely to damage and slower to cure. The research was published in the journal Nature and was based on examinations utilizing mice tails, which has similar characteristics as human skin. After stating the importance of COL17A1, the group decided to analyze whether they can stimulate the protein once it was exhausted, effectively searching for compounds that can kick start the anti-aging mechanism in the skin. The scientists isolated two chemical composites—apocynin and Y27632—and trialed them on skin cells, with positive results.

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that skin ages while the main cells into dermis drop their identity and role. With aging, tissues lose their capacity and function to regenerate after getting damaged. The study was published in Cell by researchers at the CNAG-CRG (Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico of the Center for Genomic Regulation) and the IRB (Institute for Research in Biomedicine), Barcelona states how dermal fibroblasts age.

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