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Investigational Drug Shows Potential For Opioid Withdrawal Signs

While drugs are available to alleviate withdrawal symptoms in patients recovering from opioid addiction, they can cause side effects and could maintain the brain alterations that cause addiction in the first place, which can give rise to relapse before treatment is finished. The recent study gives hope that a better key might be on the horizon. Rapastinel—an investigational drug initially developed as an antidepressant—considerably reversed sharp signs of opioid extraction in rats in just 3 Days. The outcomes suggest that rapastinel can be helpful to assist in managing withdrawal in the critical first few days after someone has got into treatment and is attempting to withdraw from opioid use, as per to researchers.

Julia Ferrante—from Villanova University—along with Cynthia M. Kuhn—Professor at Duke University—said, “We have discovered that rapastinel has a probability as a new therapy for opioid dependence, as it is effective in lowering withdrawal symptoms and has not been shown to create any harmful side effects. By lowering withdrawal signs, the individual feels less uneasiness during treatment, and we assume this will cause a decreased peril of relapse.” Ferrante added, “Our study suggests that novel alternatives to set treatments for opioid reliance have a possibility to be more effective and safer. Rapastinel research for opioid addiction is presently only being completed in rodents, but if the drug persists to have successful tests it might enter clinical examinations for use in humans.”

On a similar note, a study reported lower mortality rates for TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) centers that do extra procedures. Hospitals that conduct the highest volume of TAVR practices have considerably lower death rates compared to centers that do lesser of the plainly invasive surgeries, as per to a study by DCRI (Duke Clinical Research Institute). The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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