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India Anti-Satellite Missile Trial A “Terrible Thing,” Says NASA Chief

The anti-satellite missile trail of India produced at least 400 fragments of orbital wreckage, said the NASA head—positioning the ISS (International Space Station) and its astronauts in danger. Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator, stated that just 60 fragments of wreckage were huge enough to trail. Of those, 24 went over the ISS’ apogee, the point of the orbit of space station farthest from our planet.

In a live-streamed town hall meeting of NASA, Bridenstine, said, “That is a dreadful, dreadful thing to produce an event that drives remains at an apex that goes over the ISS. That sort of event is not harmonious with the prospect of human spaceflight. It isn’t acceptable for us to permit people to produce orbital wreckages fields that place our people at risk.”

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, declared recently that the nation had attained a “historic feat” by firing down with a ground-to-space missile its own low-orbit satellite. Only 3 other nations—Russia, China, and the US—have anti-satellite missile abilities. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India stated that the trial was carried out in “the lower atmosphere to assure that there’s no space remains,” and “whatever wreckages that are produced will disintegrate and drop down within weeks onto the Earth.”

Likewise, Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle of India has also placed a military satellite and other 28 secondary cargos into orbit, with Seattle-situated Spaceflight along with other commercial ventures as supporting parts. The PSLV C45 assignment launched at local time 9:27 a.m. from the Satish Dhawan Space Center on April 1. The primary payload was EMISAT, or Electro-Magnetic Intelligence Satellite, of India, which is supposedly developed to intercept radar broadcasts for military intelligence reasons. Sateesh Reddy, Head of DRDO India, said, “This will indeed include to our abilities, but getting into particulars isn’t good for us.”

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