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Facebook Still Has A Huge Issue With Cybercrime Groups

Identity thieves, forgers, scammers, and spammers have been employing Facebook to hawk their services, even after a last year crackdown, as per a new media report. Talos (cybersecurity research division at Cisco) claims it discovered dozens of groups on Facebook that were “illegal (at worst) and shady (at best)”, with names such as “Spammer & Hacker Professional” and “Facebook hack (Phishing).” The groups have been closed down, but Talos is requesting Facebook to probe shady groups more rigorously, complaining that it is “apparently dependent on these societies to probe themselves.”

The report by Talos highlights 74 groups with overall 385,000 people. Facebook consumers can look up the groups by hunting for keywords, comprising “carding” or “spam,” and Talos claims that if a consumer joined one, Facebook might automatically frequently suggest related groups—“making latest criminal hangouts even simpler to hunt.” Some members touted stolen credit card details by posting the driver’s licenses of the victims, and others published requests for assistance transferring huge amount of cash or getting authorization to PC networks.

Speaking of Facebook, a new research claims that ad delivery algorithm of Facebook discriminates based on gender and race, even when clients are attempting to reach a wide audience. The study supports a same statement that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development made earlier when it took legal action against Facebook for violating housing discrimination regulations. It also extends the scope of an already possibly damning entity of study about bias and online advertising, including new fuel to the obligation for regulation.

Various reports have witnessed how advertisers can aim ads to keep out particular groups, but this research looks at how the ads are provided once they are out of hands from advertisers. Even if an ad is aimed widely, Facebook will give to the users most possibly by clicking on it.

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