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US Is Ready To Prove Its Strength In Space And Respond To Threats

The Space Symposium which was organized by US Air Force last week was all about ‘Deterrence’. The main thought that came out of this meet is the country is ready to counter any threat related to space research. Heather Wilson, who is the secretary for Air Force informed that in future there might be scenarios where US need to show its strength to the opponents to let them know that US will not compromise on its position in space. She also informed that convincing the opponents that America can do something like that was also the agenda of the meeting.

Dave Goldfein, who is the Air Force Chief of Staff General, informed that other countries should know that US military will intervene if space instruments of the country are threatened. He also commented that it is not sufficient to just sit back and get the punches, it is also necessary to hit back sometimes.

For this reason, US Air Force is building technology and equipment to defend the country in space. These strong comments from the United States Air Force comes right after India proved its potential of shooting down a satellite.

On 27th March, India shooter down one of its own satellites. This was a live space object. The satellite was knocked down at the lower orbit of earth. India used an anti- satellite to carry on the operation. This announcement was made by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Before India, China, Russia and United States have carried out such operations successfully. China tested this in 2007 and that time too, United States was concerned. This is known as the ASAT capability. This topic came up again in Patrick Shanahan’s 9th April speech. He is the Defense Secretary for United States. When asked about what kind of technology US is planning, the Air Force officers declined to provide an answer.

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