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Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Lead Editor

MBA in Business and Management is a bonanza for Tom Martin as the academically obtained figurative and statistical knowledge has only helped him do extremely well in the field of content writing. Tom has entered the family of Industry News Talk  after gaining 3 Years of skillful training from a reputed organization for enhancing and styling his writing format so as to make it more appealing and informative. He is still willing to learn from his juniors as they seem to grasp more of the modernized way of writing.


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Peggy Sanchez

Peggy Sanchez


Biotechnology is just a degree for Peggy Sanchez  as she has completed shifted her careers towards writing. The degree is, however, helping Peggy  write down the technological stuff inclined with the scientific or electronic aspects in a very precise and informative pattern. Peggy  hopes to provide Industry News Talk  dais with some of the best articles in the coming years. Peggy is currently also planning to acquire a degree in content writing so as to add a star to her knowledge.


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Brenda Pollack

Brenda Pollack


Brenda Pollack is a graduate in Master of Health Administration from the USA which has only helped her know the diversity existent in the national and international level in the field of healthcare. Brenda has vast knowledge in the field of content writing due to 2 Years of experience gained during the course of the occupation. She has a keen interest in socially mingling and helping people through orphanage or NGOs and it has helped her gain skill on the latest of the technologies and current ongoing situations in the field of health and services.


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Joshua Cox

Joshua Cox


Joshua Cox post graduation in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics has only  helped him express the immense skill and knowledge gained during the years through his articles. The transparency and crisp way of listing down the contents is one plus point the Industry News Talk  platform will cherish till his years of dedication given to the platform. The science is a field Joshua excels in owing to the knowledge gained through years of reading experience and interest in knowing the futuristic scope as well.


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